I processi educativi: una sfida in continuo divenire

lingua-didattica-2The processes of globalisation and technology, the growing immigration and the different lifestyles that characterise current societies lead the School to confront a constantly changing social context and challenge it to rethink its teaching-learning models. Education is called, in fact, not only to adapt to current changes, but also to reflect on the meaning of the meeting and the exchange of formation in a context of growing interdependence.

The use of our school is rather heterogeneous, composed of families of long-term Italians, mixed residents of Mozambique Nation and Italian families of relatively short stay.

The educational offer of our school is characterised by MultiLanguages: Portuguese, Italian and English are the languages ​​mainly conveyed.

To promote a language immersion experience and make learning more effective, the school adopts the CLIL methodology: “Content Language Integrated Learning” – integrated language and content learning.

This is a methodological approach that involves teaching a non-linguistic discipline, in a foreign language, in order to integrate the learning of the foreign language and the acquisition of disciplinary contents, creating learning environments that favor multi language attitudes and develop the multicultural awareness.

  • A CLIL path allows the learning and teaching of non-linguistic subjects in a foreign language.
  • It offers an innovative approach to teaching.
  • It allows an intercultural education of knowledge.
  • Promotes an activity centered on the student.
  • Stimulates multi language education and motivation to learn disciplinary content in a foreign language.