The school is the educational context in which the educational relation is presented with all its complexity. In the school environment, training and education are carried out as a goal, and these relationships are indispensable.

In our school-community we pay attention, not only to the results obtained, but mainly to the quality of the relations. Passion, commitment and dedication characterize the choice of our team. From the centrality of the educational relationship we overcome the traditional connection between adult and child, based on a strict demarcation of the roles and the consideration of a knowledge to be transmitted according to a linear and unidirectional trajectory.

The educator should be able to read between the lines through listening, empathy and activate forms of conscious and intentional communication.

Open educational communication requires going beyond the referential and cognitive function, being the most used in a school, to give more space to the emotional, subjective and interpersonal, so that the student feels more involved.

Staff-scuola-italiana-maputo-2Awareness of these assumptions requires the willingness of teachers to be flexible: a critical review of their actions, which is contaminated and involved in a true communication network between students and teachers.

The team consists of: a teacher-director, a teacher-coordinator, a team of professionals (teachers, educators and assistants), whose number varies according to the number of students, a secretary (administrative assistant), 4 Kindergarten teachers, 3 support staff, a gardener and four guards.

The School promotes ways of innovation, based on the development of human resources, their potential, reflection and sharing of professional practices, with on-site and online work groups, to raise the quality of teaching.