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The Association for the Promotion of the Italian Cultural and Language in Mozambique, named from now on ASCIT, which manages the Italian School Giovanni Falcone, was created in 1994. The Association is a private non-profit organisation, with patrimonial autonomy, which carries out its activities in collaboration with the Italian resident community and the local educational and cultural structures.

The ASCIT which has its purpose to develop school activities, manage the nursery school and primary Giovanni Falcone, offer Italian courses for adults and children, participate in cultural activities of dissemination on the territory of Italian culture, organize events and school conferences . In order to achieve these goals, ASCIT works closely with the Italian Embassy in Maputo and the Dante Alighieri association, as well as with all the other organisations representing the Italian System present throughout Mozambique.

The ASCIT is therefore the association of the whole Italian community present in Mozambique whose members do not need to fill in any particular form of membership, the parents of the children enrolled in the Italian school, those responsible for the education of the students and all the volunteers who contribute to the promotion of the school are automatically considered ASCIT members.

The ASCIT and therefore the School provides for the financing of all activities, mainly through the enrolment fees and frequency of children. Other contributions come from possible collaborations of public and private bodies, obtained from events and donations. The Italian school Giovanni Falcone, is legally recognised by the Italian Embassy, and normally receives a very small annual contribution as a cultural association.

The main organs of the association are the General Assembly (AG) of all its members that meets once or twice a year and has the task of approving the financial statements and the general lines of activity, the Board of Directors (BoD)  has the task of executing the general lines voted by the AG and managing the activities of the Italian School. The BoD is composed of six elective members including the President, the Vice President and the Treasurer.

The Council is therefore composed of representatives of parents and teachers and is the executive body of the Association. The Council meets approximately once a month and prepares an activity plan to follow. At the end of the school year, the Council presents an advisory report and a plan of activities for the next school year that the AG must vote. Together with the school administration, the Council prepares the budget, submits it to the GA and draws up an estimated budget for the following year.

ASCIT operates exclusively on a voluntary basis without any financial contribution. To help the Italian School effectively, ASCIT needs the support of all its members, from volunteers to the Board of Directors, to new ideas and energies for fundraising, which is always necessary. Everyone can contribute, in a continuous or simple way, to some specific activities, but above all to suggest initiatives, improvements and new proposals. Please contact us at the e-mail address of the association for any information and to make your contribution to the Italian School Giovanni Falcone.

The BoD has in particular the task of representing the Italian School Giovanni Falcone in its external relations and a particular effort was made this year because the school is increasingly an integral part of the Italian system in Mozambique. A first practical result was the recent signing of a protocol with the Dante Alighieri Association and with several Italian organisations in the country, of a very successful Italian gastronomy fair.

Documents to download and consult

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Below you can read and download the documents of the AG: